Where it started

Hi, I'm Elley, 

I've been drawing ever since I was a child. When I was eight, I discovered my talent when I could draw cartoons like Johnny Bravo, Spongebob, and Little Mermaid competently while only looking at the TV screen. My mom was amazed at me. She would say "How did you get it to look exactly the same on the paper?!" It was funny because at first she definitely assumed I traced my drawings and so I would do it again. I never stopped drawing after that. In elementary school I got my drawing on the front of my school's yearbook. The best part was the first page that read "Cover By: Elley V Peart."!!

 In middle-school I was a little embarrassed of my talent and would hide it, I think maybe it's because I'm vulnerable when I draw, so that really didn't start to change until I got more mature and gained realizations in high school that artistic skill is nothing to hide. In fact, getting older is my secret to the confidence I take in my skill.

 I use mediums like Oil, Acrylic, Clay, Watercolor, Colored Pencils to bring the art to life, so I don't usually stick to one practice. While I spend time putting work into a piece and watching it come together it excites me to think others will be able to keep it for themselves. I've got a long way to go to reach some of the magic I've seen, but practice is the best part.